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Atlantic system not likely to develop as hurricane season heads for the exit

The large non-tropical low-pressure system we have followed as it looped across the central Atlantic remains very disorganized. There are multiple swirls, and there's no cohesive center of circulation.

The system is now under increasingly hostile upper winds, and dry air in the mid-levels of the atmosphere covers a good part of the nominal center. The system is now over coolish water, and the ocean temperature will just get colder as the system heads north.

The National Hurricane Center still gives it a slight chance of taking on some tropical characteristics today before the door closes tomorrow because of the colder ocean.

The tropical characterization is only important for the records books. In any case, rainy and gusty weather will move through the Azores islands offshore of Portugal today into tomorrow, which is nothing uncommon for this time of year.

We'll wait until this system passes into the night before declaring the hurricane season over. But it's almost certainly over.


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