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Elsa to impact most of the U.S. East Coast

Elsa is a bit weaker over the Carolinas this morning in terms of the wind, but it’s still dumping heavy rain in spots. So local flooding is likely to be an issue until it’s past later today.

Tropical Storm Warnings for winds over 40 mph are in effect for the coast of the Carolinas and all the way north to Massachusetts in anticipation of the Elsa traveling along or right offshore of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast for through today and tomorrow.

On the current track, the center of Elsa will track just offshore of the Mid-Atlantic, and along with conducive upper-air support, it should strength a bit as it heads toward coastal New England.

The extra-strong winds will mostly affect coastal locations. People with boats, outdoor furniture, or anything that would be affected by strong gusts should take action.

Elsa should be past New England by Friday night.

Nothing else is pending in the tropics.


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