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Hurricane Season 2021 has likely ended

Tropical Storm Wanda has officially died. Strong upper-level winds tore it apart and the cold waters of the North Atlantic took their toll. It still has some gusty winds. On the analysis from the National Hurricane Center, you can see the small area where winds are estimated to reach about 40 mph. On the forecast track, that area will pass the westernmost Azores well offshore.

By tonight, Wanda’s remnants will be absorbed by the strong cold front bearing down from the west, which is evident on the satellite picture.

When Wanda is off the board, there’s a good chance Hurricane Season 2021 will be over, although we can’t be 100% sure.

There is always the possibility that another nor’easter-type storm like the one that became Wanda could get stranded over ocean waters that are still warm enough to support a tropical system. Based on the current atmospheric pattern, that would most likely happen over the Atlantic away from land, on the slight chance it does. There’s also a remote chance of something in the southern Caribbean, but there’s no sign of any development.

For now, let’s ignore those possibilities and assume this will be it.


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