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Hurricane Season is wrapping up

It's likely that the 2019 Hurricane Season will end with 18 named storms and 6 hurricanes, including 2 Cat 5s. (Although an additional freak late-season storm is still technically possible.)

Looking at it one way, the storms, on average, were not very strong. Only a third of the storms were hurricanes, which is well below average - normal being a little more than 50% (in the satellite era.)

On the other hand, we had two Cat 5 hurricanes form - Dorian and Lorenzo. That had only happened 6 times before in the record book. (Although intensity records much before the 70s are iffy.) The only hurricane season with more than two Cat 5s was in 2005.

Here's the National Hurricane Center chart showing the storms in 2019, but without the last one, Tropical Storm Sebastien.

Now's a good time to make or refine your hurricane plan. Hurricane Season 2020 is just around the corner.


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