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The Atlantic stays quiet while the Pacific heats up

No tropical threats are expected in the Atlantic for the next week at least. A plume of Saharan Dust stretches from Africa to the Caribbean, and the upper winds are hostile to any development.

The National Hurricane Center is noting a non-tropical area of low pressure near Bermuda. This system will track to the north into the colder waters. It has a tiny window of time when the conditions might become marginally conducive for it to take on some tropical characteristics, but most likely, it will stay non-tropical and get swept off toward Europe.

In any case, it is not a threat to land.

In the Eastern Pacific off the coast of Mexico, however, the tropics are busy. Tropical Storm Beatriz is on the cusp of becoming a hurricane. Warnings are up for the Mexican coast centered around Manzanillo.

The storm is forecast to track along or near the coastline, so a long stretch of the coast will be affected today and tomorrow. Beatriz might affect Cabo San Lucas very early next week.

Farther offshore, Hurricane Adrian is forecast to become a Category 2 storm today. But it’s heading away from land and should die out in a few days.

Along the East and Gulf coasts of the U.S., enjoy a tropics-free long holiday weekend.


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