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The tropics are quiet while we watch for possible North Atlantic development

Saharan dust has finally taken on its usual June role of limiting development in the tropical Atlantic. In addition, a belt of upper-level winds running across the basin will further thwart any immediate development.

Nothing is expected to develop in the tropics for at least the next week.

Near or north of Bermuda, however, a storm might develop late this week. To what degree it would be a tropical system is an open question. A cold front, the jet stream, and the remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy might all be involved, so it’s not clear exactly how the system will evolve.

The National Hurricane Center figures there’s a low chance of at least a depression developing from the various ingredients. A depression would have some tropical characteristics. But it’s also possible that a non-tropical system develops, so the situation is murky.

Until something develops, if it does, there’s no way to know if it would affect land. And if it did, it would most likely be Atlantic Canada next week, and that doesn’t appear likely at the moment.

Enjoy the quiet period for now.


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