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Tropical naptime to continue

The only X on the board is a non-tropical low-pressure system well east of the Bahamas. There’s a very slight chance it could briefly evolve into some sort of a tropical system over the next day or so, so the National Weather Service continues to point it out.

The system is accelerating toward the open ocean under hostile upper winds. It’s over very warm water, which creates the slight chance the circulation could briefly organize. The upper winds will most likely prohibit development, however.

About tomorrow, the system will get absorbed by a front, and its potential 15 minutes of fame will be over. There’s no threat to anybody from this system.

Elsewhere, the tropics are sound asleep. Nothing is expected to develop into the middle of next week. And the long-range computer forecast models show only low chances of development beyond that.

Once we get near the end of October, the historical odds of development decrease significantly, of course. But they don’t go to zero. As they say, it ain’t over until it’s over. Enjoy naptime for now.


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