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Tropical Storm Alex to pass Bermuda today and quickly become non-tropical in the North Atlantic

Tropical Storm Alex almost became a hurricane yesterday, but now is in its weakening phase. The strongest bands of thunderstorms are now well removed from the center of circulation meaning that Alex is unraveling as a tropical system.

The storm is producing strong winds on Bermuda this morning, though the heavy rain has moved past the island. Gusts are running 50 to 60 mph. By later in the day, conditions will gradually improve.

Alex is forecast to become non-tropical later today, as it transitions into northern-type North Atlantic storm powered by contrasting cold and warm air, not the warm tropical waters.

The moisture tail from Alex still extends well to the south - all the way to Cuba. It will begin to lift north today, pulled up by a dip in the jet stream moving across the Gulf of Mexico. That will remoisten the atmosphere over southern Florida. Heavy thunderstorms could again cause some local flooding this week since the ground is still saturated from last week’s storms and the weekend disturbance.

Nothing else is in the offing in the tropics this week. Thankfully Mother Nature is taking a break.


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