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Tropical Storm Elsa is speeding toward Long Island on its way to New England

Elsa has been producing hurricane-strength wind gusts along the Jersey Shore this morning. The center of the circulation is now over the ocean sprinting toward the eastern end of Long Island and then on across southeastern New England. The system should morph into a non-tropical system and be history by tonight as it speeds over far eastern Canada.

The gustiest winds on land will be felt along the coastline of the eastern part of Long Island, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, although Elsa’s strongest winds will likely stay offshore in the strong band wrapping into Elsa’s center.

Heavy continuous rain has been pounding parts of the Northeast, including in New York City and the surrounding area. There’s more to come today until Elsa pulls way. Local flooding will be an issue, but Elsa’s fast movement will limit the total rainfall.

Elsewhere, the National Hurricane Center is noting a system that is over the south Texas coast. Since the system is over land, it is not likely to develop. But it’s the equivalent of a small tropical system that has made landfall, and it is expected dump very heavy rain over areas where the creeks and rivers are already swollen. South Texas up to the Austin area, stay informed.

It’s not a guarantee, of course, but nothing is showing up in the tropics in the long-range computer models for the next week at least.


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