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The atmospheric conditions over the tropical Atlantic, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico are forecast to be inhospitable to tropical development for the next several days, and likely longer.

A strong Atlantic high-pressure system will sprawl from Europe and Africa all the way across the Atlantic to the Southeast U.S. well into next week. The flow around the south side of the high will spread Saharan dust across the tropics – the dry, dusty air limits tropical development. In addition, strong high pressure in the Atlantic should push any tropical disturbances too far south for them to be a serious threat.

For the next few days, however, South Florida will be caught in the moisture feed being pulled north by the giant upper-level low pressure system over the eastern U.S. By late in the weekend, that system will finally be moving out of the picture, and the Atlantic high will finally build over Florida.

The skies may get a bit milky from the northern edge of the Saharan Dust plume. On the other hand, dust in the atmosphere makes for great sunsets.

Once high pressure builds in early in the week, thunderstorms will still be in the forecast each day, but in the morning near the east coast, and mostly inland and closer to the west coast of the state in the afternoon. A nice onshore breeze blowing over 83-degree ocean water will make it quite nice at the beach.


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